Rolling Out My New Website

Finally the day came when all the input for my new website was completed and I was informed by Jim Daniels that he and his daughter. Sarah, were ready to roll it out. I had been following his email questionnaires that forced me to decide what type of content I wanted and he had her build those desirable features into the integral functionality of the site.

There were several Categories that I wanted that had their own individual Topics into which I placed newly related blogs that corresponded to the theme of each one. This way I found I could differentiate between experiences that I lived through and instructional blogs like this one that told how I got things done.

At the moment of truth, Jim sent me an email with all the information needed to log in and view the new website for the first time. It included steps I should follow to review what was done and what to expect from their monthly followup oversight of the project.

“A Done-For-You Website” is Part III of a series of blogs about steps I went through and am currently incorporating to build my website. Part IV: “Blogs And Fiddling” will show what decisions I made to get my initial viable website up and running.

All I Could Say Was, Wow!

I followed the initial steps and clicked on the button that took me to the WordPress Login Page.  When I opened up SJKey Chronicles for the first time, I was amazed. It made me realize I was now the proud owner of a professionally looking masterpiece. Moving graphics, easy to read blogs, and some installed banner ads already in place gave credence to my feelings.

I had found a way to bypass the grueling task of setting up, initializing, and monetizing my first viable (and easily locatable) website and platform for my blogs, I never could have done that on my own.

First Steps

So what did I do first? I wrote a blog and saved it to a Draft! Then I proof read it, fixed errors, and looked for a picture to install through the Add Media button.

WordPress has so many time-saving features, it is almost bewildering to try and assimilate even a fraction of them. I had already learned how to do a lot of basic functions through previous website training courses. Now I was able to incorporate the lessons learned.

My mentor, Jim Daniels, said I could find tons of free pics on a site called Pixabay. Going there, I chose a picture and added it to my media file. I then pulled it into my blog by clicking the Add Media button at the top of my blog post page. I also set the picture as my Featured Image vis one of the options in the WordPress Admin area for my website.

When I was finished I hit the Publish button. Voila! I had just published my self-generated blog and it fit nicely into a specific Category in my new website.

What Next?

After that, I felt my way around the WordPress administration page. In doing so, I began to take a hard look at the Plugins that were already installed and how I could add new ones. I also looked for additional training that would help me proceed in the right direction.

The next blog, Part IV: “Blogs And Fiddling”, will show how I improved my learning curve, write additional blogs, and enhanced the functionality of my new site. Until then, Arrivaderci!

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