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I am currently on a life-changing journey that I hope will prove informative and interesting to those who have the fortitude to follow me on this trek. Recently moving out into the country, I suddenly find myself dealing with issues indigenous to a “frugal” lifestyle.

Something that now dominates my current lifestyle is the lack of extra spendable income. In the past, I finagled all sorts of ways to create dollars and cover expenses. I was a General Contractor and Real Estate Investor for most of my working years. That business took its toll on finances. Workman’s comp, federal and state taxes, license fees, equipment repairs, and various other expenses were an insufferable burden. It is very difficult filling the role of a self-employed entrepreneur and setting money aside for retirement.

This is Part 1 in the BUDGETHOUSE RENOVATOR series that involves the search for, location of, and unique auction-style purchase of my home in the country. This article is the Introduction. The series includes dealing with a foreign based auction house and escrow to help facilitate this transaction. Also, I show how I worked with a mortgage broker programmed to process my “specialized” combination FHA 203k Program  loan. This loan included funds to buy and also repair my house. Part 2 is the “Secret FHA 203k Program for Home Buying”.

Criteria For A New Residential Location 

I waited until the age of 69 to start collecting on my Social Security. When I got that ball rolling, I found out right away that I needed a massive reset on my budget. At that particular moment in time, I was still living in an old apartment building that I brought back from the dead in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It had run it’s course and I’d finally had enough keeping it going. I wanted out of there away from traffic, neighborhood noise, and the high cost of a downtown lifestyle.

It was my ultimate desire to retire in a home away from the harsh realties of city life. I did not favor the idea of leaving the state because I hate living in cold temperature environments. I did like the idea, however, of moving somewhat further north of the area where I had spent the last 6 years residing.

So this house-finding story is part of the new arena that I have entered. Looking for and finding my retirement home is the most challenging event I have ever faced. But for the grace of God, it would not have happened. 

Getting It Done

I began collecting my Social Security while still engaged in my business and knew that eventually I would be facing a tight monthly income. Buying my house with that in mind seemed like an impossible task. That type accomplishment also rings true for someone with more substantial resources than I had, so it was a formidable obstacle, to say the least. It seemed like I was facing an uphill battle that could not be won.

However, by the grace of God, my prayers were answered and I got it done. I found the perfect house through the process of online auctions in Northwest Florida at an incredible price. It needed a lot of work to make it livable, but my expertise in building and remodeling homes got me through it all, and the process is still evolving as I write this blog and create a series that tells of all I went through.

The BudgetHouse Renovator Series

I am starting this series as a developing (and ongoing) story that will include many individual steps that I took to bring my new house up to snuff. Steps that include looking for, finding, purchasing, and renovating my home. This process involved my taking advantage of a  special Federal Government program that few people know about.

This is my “Budgethouse” and I feel that it will be the last house I own and live in. It has been an incredible story. I hope you will join me in this still developing saga that, I believe, will continue to evolve.

My next article in Part 2 is entitled Secret FHA 203k Program For Home Buyingand will show the first steps in this adventure.

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