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Thoughts On Fireproofing Your House

Paradise Lost I have been watching the series in This Old House that centers on the devastation of the entire town of Paradise, California due to a relentless forest fire last year. The item that struck me most was the fact that most of the residents plan to rebuild their homes there knowing that what happened could happen again. Having lived in the state for many years, I am well aware of the dangers of living there. If you are not trying to live through earthquakes, mudslides, […]

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My First Engaging Novel & The Climactic Sequel Published

Reviewing The Inspiration For My Story Line(s) In my previous LEARNING TO WRITE article Learning To Write:My First Novel Part II, I told of how I have always been fascinated by the Navy SEAL Team’s enigmatic aura. When we visited their dedicated Museum in Ft. Pierce, we got to see the Maersk Alabama cargo ship life boat that held the ship’s captain hostage while being driven away by Somali pirates. The movie that depicts the document drama, Captain Phillips, was quite revealing and did incorporate maneuvers by […]

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My Kindle Direct Publishing Experience:Part II_ Wrestling With Manuscript Manipulations.

  Image by Pixabay modified by Stephen Key This is a multi-part series entitled “My Kindle Direct Publishing Experience”. The first blog in the series “My Kindle Direct Publishing Experience: Part I _Starting From Scratch” shows  how I took my first steps. What Do You Mean I Am Outdated? Since I had been writing and publishing to my blog for a year and a half, I should have had the confidence to submit my finished manuscript to the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) site. I didn’t! By spending […]

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