Learning To Write: My First Novel Part II

Inspiration For My Story Line I had an idea for my first story that was inspired by dreams that continued to haunt me. The nightly apparitions just seem to crop up out of nowhere. The amazing thing is, I somehow become an integral part of the particular event in my mind, and I don’t always fare too well in the outcome. I have always been fascinated by the Navy Seal team’s enigmatic aura. When we visited their dedicated Museum in Ft. Pierce, we got to see the […]

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Learning To Write: Finding A Title

From Failure To Success I didn’t realize how difficult it was to find a title to a novel until I read about some history about the problem. Many famous works that fill the shelves of libraries, colleges, and private homes would not be recognizable today under their original or previous moniker. Some examples are as follows: Gone With The Wind …….Tomorrow Is Another Day To Kill A Mockingbird…….Atticus The Sun Also Rises….. …..Fiesta War And Peace…………….All’s Well That Ends Well Of Mice And Men…………..Something That Happened All […]

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Learning To Write: My First Novel Part I

Beyond The Blogs I have been blogging for a year and decided to write my first book. It is a fiction novel and represents a completely different genre in writing for me. Since all my blogs engage the reader with non-fiction material, this is a completely new venture for me. I started my story about eight years ago and abandoned the effort because I thought it wasted my time. Who would want to read a novel written by me and buy my book. So it sat deserted […]

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