My Apps Are Fading Away

I was recently informed by my online bank that their App running on my iPhone 6 Plus in the iOS 13.0 configuration would no longer be supported and that I must upgrade to a device that would handle iOS 14.0 or better. I had already been booked out of the LOWES Home Improvement App over a month ago, and Capital One was next. 

To accommodate these purveyors of forward looking software machinations, I would have to upgrade my device to an iPhone 7 or better. So I went online and checked with Apple to find out how much my phone would be worth in a trade in. I was a little disappointed to find out that they would only give me $11, so I abandoned the idea.

My iPad Mini 2 fared a little better since the current value, as far as they were concerned, was $85 as long as the unit was in excellent condition. However, when I answered the online questionnaire, I failed to point out that there was a single crack all the way down the center of the glass. Otherwise, my protective leather case has kept the overall appearance in pristine condition.

Options Available

My wife, who also has a companion iPhone 6 Plus, inherited an iPhone 7 from her mom when she passed away and uses it to access certain bank accounts online that have upgraded their Apps to run only on devices that support iOS 14 software or better. However, she still uses the iPhone 6 to make calls, text, search the internet, take photos, and access Apps that still support 13.0. Not sure why, but it’s her choice.

On the other hand, her iPad Mini 1 won’t handle much of any Apps at all, but would be happy to get mine if I upgraded to the latest one. Our son, a computer specialist in Upstate New York will be giving up his later model full sized iPad soon, so I have opted to let her have it so she can access all the upgraded Apps and get the improved functionality the device will offer her.

As for myself, since the latest iPad Mini has much improved functionality that will help me better with the writing tasks I perform on it, and will also let me store the finished product more effectively, I will get it when our son visits us in the fall. Before I make the transition, though, I will have him replace the the glass on my Mini 2 so that I can get full trade in value towards my new purchase. Even if said value at the time of my transaction is less than it is now.

But What About My Phone?

I recently replaced the fading battery on my iPhone 6 with a higher capacity one and it works fine. Being that it has been trouble free for the 5 years I have owned it, I see no reason to give it up. It cost me $800. back in 2016 and I was glad to pay it off through Verizon. An iPhone 12 will cost me the same amount if I agree to drop my data storage capacity from the 128gb I have now to 64gb.

Since I have already used up 68gb of storage on my current phone, I would have to rethink my storage options if I wanted to use the lower capacity phone. Since I have no desire to shell out another $800 to replace a perfectly good device, I will keep mine and accept the penalty for diminished access to convenient Apps I have used in the past.

As or the phone’s accessibility functions, I will bookmark the commensurate websites that can be used in place of the Apps so that I can reach them quickly from my Favorites Bar. This is a procedure I already follow to connect with companies online that do not have Apps or ones that have poorly performing ones that are hard to use. Examples of some are my mortgage company, my homeowners insurance company, my automobile insurer, and so on.

So What’s My Point With All Of This Discourse

I do not like the idea of being forced into accepting the fate of planned obsolescence. I do understand that our electronics world is constantly moving forward with new technology and that it costs money for companies to continue supporting outdated applications. They would much rather throw their weight behind the latest upgrades and make them work better than their predecessors, hopefully.

However, I figure that if something isn’t broke, why fix or replace it. All I need to do is make and receive calls, text messages (favored preference), talk on Face Time, find my way around the countryside, access my emails, take photographs and videos, and make sure my device is compatible with the 4g network that Verizon demands of my phone for continuing coverage and functionality in the coming months ahead. Come to think of it, I will be able to use all my functions except the Apps that are fading away.

Final Thoughts

Since I pay all my bills online with my laptop, I won’t need upgraded Apps for that function. If I don’t want to pull the computer out, I will be able to settle accounts with the new iPad when I get it. I just won’t be as spoiled as I have been in the past when I have to take an extra step now and then to get things done.

I have taken excellent care of my electronic devices and they still look like new. I won’t change to cheaper brands so that I can save money because I prefer having quality devices over inferior imitations. I maintain that mindset with the appliances I buy, all my phones, tablet style devices, computers, tools, equipment, vehicles, and so forth. It cost more to buy a less expensive item and then have to replace or fix it all the time when it gives out.

With that said, you can shell out a lot of money on a new phone no matter which major supplier you go with. All the quality units hover around the $800 to $1000 price tag. If that kind of outlay doesn’t suit your budget, you can opt for an updated granny phone if you don’t care for any added features. But if you’re going to connect with the world on all fronts, you need the right equipment to get it done. If yours will still run on the 4g network and you can live without using some of the Apps you have become familiar with, why chase a no win proposition.

Just keep one thing in mind, the cell phone providers are already working on the next generation of devices that will offer little more than what you have now if you own an older quality unit. The innovation fairies have gone silent the last few years and are creating very little in the way of something truly new. Until they make it happen, it will be in your favor to make do with what you have, especially if it is working well.

C’est la vie!

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