Learning To Write: Fear Of The Unknown

How Do You Start

I suppose this question gets asked by 1000’s of people every day. They are ready to start a new venture and are afraid they will not succeed. What they fail to realize is that just being born is a risk in itself.

How many times have you heard the words “There Are No Guarantees In Life”? The unknown future is always ahead of you. You may be only moments away from a catastrophe and not realizing it is coming until it is too late.

If you conform to the wishes of others and follow their precepts to ensure your survival, you may become bitterly disappointed. However if something like that happens, you may be forced into realizing that you are really more resourceful  than you first realized.

A Budding Entrepreneur

Sometimes you get a sense of where your life is headed when you are young. You’re a teenager, your parents split up, and you decide you don’t want to live with either one anymore. You get a few breaks, find out that getting your own place is doable. Suddenly, you are on your own.

You then have to survive. While fidgeting your way through college, you have no sense of direction. In the meantime, you developed some self-employed endeavors to pay the bills and eat. You have no skills yet, so you have to go through a learning curve via your own temerity.

As time goes on, you begin to look for opportunities. You meet people who are willing to help you out. They are ready to recommend you to become part of their world. You prepare for that special day when it is supposed to all come together. And then it happens. Catastrophe!

The special opportunity vanishes into thin air. A program is cancelled, a business shuts down, your efforts to prepare are wasted. You are back to square one. And you have to move on.

Life Becomes Your Teacher

I wish now that I had started to write while I was still young. If nothing else, I could have kept a journal about all the things I had been through. The great thing about that idea is that no one else gets to read your stories. At least not if you don’t want them to.

It would have been tough back then to do so. No typewriter, personal computer, or smart phones. Just plain old pen and paper. However, since I did fairly well in school courses that dealt with essays and literature, I would have been ahead of the game. I would have and been able to develop a style of my own.

Now that I am interested in becoming a writer, it is a scary proposition for me. It is much easier to reach people with my dialogs then I had ever thought possible. But I do fear that what I have to say is not going to interest very many people.

So I finally decided that I would write about all the things that happened in my life. I try to be entertaining and sometimes be introspective. I would feign intelligence. If I could tell a story as I impart wisdom towards the accomplishment of some task, then I would create value to the reader. Hopefully!

Life is the teacher. You are the student. What you learn can be kept inside your mind or shared with others. Especially with, and to, those desperately seeking answers to some issue they are dealing with.

What I Want From A Blog or Online Article

When I read through dialog or commentaries online or in paperback form, I want information that will enlighten me. I want a definitive answer to a question I have and I don’t want to plow through a plethora of words that lead nowhere. Or have advertising being continually shoved in my face that blocks my progress.

I like stories too. The ones that warm me up to the author and make him or her seem real. I want to hear about mistakes and times when someone “Learned That The Hard Way”?

Everyone has fears when they start something new. They would be lying if they told you otherwise. There is a first time for everyone and everything. And more often than not, numerous mistakes are made before a certain expertise or seasoning sets in.

I want to create online content that treats the reader just the way I want to be treated. I want to be informative, but I don’t want to be boring. Maybe I don’t always accomplish that scenario, but at least I try. I refuse to be so afraid of writing a particular article that it never gets published.

Do You Want To Keep Certain People From Discovering Your New Blog?

The one thing that fired (and still does) the flames of anxiety for me was to expose my budding literary exploits to those who know (or knew) me personally. Those are the people who can smother the promising progress of someone embracing their new endeavor.

I don’t mind criticism from readers who never heard of me before. I want that because they are the ones I am trying to reach. Not a family member who thinks I am wasting my time or willing to give advice that reflects their lack of knowledge about what I am doing.

So when people I know ask me what I am up to these days, I tell them that I am “Learning To Become A Writer”. I let them know that I will give them access to my literary efforts in due time. When I have written enough articles to consider myself as being a writer of some sort of merit. When I have garnered enough in the way of positive commentaries to circumvent their seemingly innocent criticisms.

This may seem harsh, but that is the best way for me to overcome my fears of starting something new and sticking with it. I can be discouraged easily and have given up ideas in the past. I don’t want it to happen with my new website and the subject matter I want to write about and publish.

So Where Are You?

If you have stayed with this blog so far, you may have similar fears and misgivings. You want to start your own website but don’t want to make a lot of mistakes. You want to write about your passion but don’t feel like you are qualified to bring your knowledge into the mainstream. The first negative commentary will surely devastate your adventure, you assume.

Here is my advice for what it is worth: Find someone to help you get started. Not some community of bloggers who send all sorts of confusing advice your way. One person willing to help you set up your website properly and lay the groundwork for your movement going forward.

Yes you can create a website yourself and start blogging into the wind. But every little wrong move will discourage you to the point of your wanting to give up. You are more likely to play it all forward towards success if you have help. This is advice I ignored for a long time and therefore squelched other startup efforts.

Write about the things that you know and love to do. And try to do it well. If you start out with the idea that you want to monetize whatever works in the mainstream of online writing or blogging, you risk failure right out of the gate. Why should anyone cater to your globs of poor content and mind-boggling requests to buy something from or through you.

Final Thoughts For Now!

If you write a good article, somebody is going to read it. Someone is going to be entertained, or informed, or maybe even become spiritually enlightened. Just make sure it is yours. Not some generic plethora of repetitive paragraphs that dominate the internet.

Share your experiences as the best you know how. If you want to be perceived as an expert, readers are going to want to know what your qualifications are. Instead, you tell what you have done to create something or solve an issue. It is your experience and learning curve they are identifying with.

If people want to know where you got your information, tell them. I don’t want to fear writing about something because I am not the most knowledgeable clown in the room. I do want to share my spin on the subject at hand and let the reader decide what to do with it.

The funny thing is, the more I write about something, the more I learn and the more I can share with others. I want to be where they were, or where they are now. That can’t be done by keeping all my thoughts to myself. I have to take a chance, put it in print, and hope readers like you will find some value in what I have to say.

PS: This post feeds off of an earlier article “Starting A Website“. Please use this link for more info.

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