The Beginning

I never knew what

A woman could be

Until I met you

And you married me


When you made me leave

And told me good bye

It broke my heart

And caused me to cry


I yearned for your voice

To hear it once more

Then one day you called

And walked through my door


I made you my wife

Without asking for same

You gave me your hand

And took my name

The Journey

With much joy and sorrow

We lived here and there

Not fearing tomorrow

Not wanting to care


A daughter you bore

Not wanting my name

Yet you made her mine

Still using the same


A troublesome birth

God reached out to me

And left me alone

To pray now I see


Children did test our might

Obedience did flee

Yet working together

They answered our plea


You never did ask

What lies ahead

Just stayed close to me

And chose not to dread


One day so far up

The next day down

You followed me through

With faith so renown

The Present

Your beautiful face

Eyes big and so brown

Still with me this day

Beneath your crown


You deserved much more

Than someone like me

Yet you are still here

A lock for my key


A yearning quest

To seek what’s ahead

What future holds

Cannot be said


Through recent days I

Have learned more to know

I love you so much

And want now to show


Penned words let me feel

A sense of romance

So I can embrace

Your own love perchance


I canst promise much

Just give you my heart

To have and to hold

So Cupid canst dart


You gave me affections

I know they are true

My fortunes are still

Forever with you

The End

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