The Cat Proof Rodent Trap: Part II

The Cat Proof Trap Revisited

I am entering this blog to update my article called The Cat Proof Rodent Trap (Part I) whereby I wrote an article that described my dilemma trying to trap rodents in a house full of cats. The problem was that the trap had to be located in the same place the cats had access to. A spring loaded trap could snap on their nose or poison could kill them and not the mouse. So I went to the local Tractor Supply Company (TSC) and purchased a Rabbit Nest Box and converted it into my Cat Proof Rodent Trap. Since I published that post on October 17th, 2018, we have caught nothing. The critters have gone inside the box to escape the cats and popped the trap. They left droppings at other times. But no trapped mouse or rat to show successful implementation until today, June 22, 2019.Yikes! As I stated in the first blog, my introduction to the problem came when I first did work on my present house before moving in. I was making repairs in the utility room and sat on a 5 gallon bucket. Without any noise or warning, a big rat crawled right over my left foot (no running or quick movements involved). It disappeared through a whole in the wall and I never saw it again. Freaked me out! I guessed the critter came out from under the vanity in the guest bathroom behind me. I tried to follow it with a 4′ level in my hand to use as a club. Since that procedure has never worked, I had to search for effective solutions to lure the pests in and then kill them.

Different Ways To Catch A Mouse

Cats may be your best weapon. They can hear the slightest noise running across the floor and will wait for endless hours in front of a mouse or rat escape hole. The perfect stealth weapon, they can pounce with lightning-quick reflexes and snatch anything in a flash with their front claws. I found this out while teasing them. Ouch! We started out with 7 cats and are now down to two, a mother and one son. Some just took off on their own, and a few disappeared via a possible predator. One died of some unknown sickness. So those two left are the ones we depend on to catch mice, a total of 5 or 6 so far. Another method we discovered recently is the drip buckets under our window air conditioners. Shallow

square plastic pans filled halfway with condensate water from the units invite mice to climb in for a drink. The kicker is, they can’t climb the slick walls of the plastic and can’t jump out of the water. So they swim until they drown (2 so far). The third way is poison. But you have to put it where your pets can’t reach it. It is not my favorite method either. I had a client, whom I built a home for in New Orleans, catch one with a snap-trap where the exterminator’s poison bait failed. So the snap-trap seems to be the best method. I tried peanut butter for a long time with no results. Finally, I resorted to a chunk of Velveeta Cheese and voila, our first trapped mouse! 

The Finale

If all this fuss I am spouting forth seems silly, then you haven’t had a mouse (or rat) in your house. Seeing one scurry along a wall in your bedroom is disconcerting. And if you live in the country, they are much more prevalent. My Cat Proof Rodent Trap is my invention and now I know it works. It is halfway completed for you with the Rabbit Nest Box. All you have to do is finish it as per my instructions in The Cat Proof Rodent Trap (Part I). And your pets will thank you. Happy mouse or rat hunting!

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UPDATE: 08/20/2019

Another Mouse?

We caught another mouse. These are the pictures:




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