Who Are My Readers

I have tried to get a profile of my readers and I can’t get a fix on what you like or really want to read about. All comments indicate that you are appreciative of what I have to say, but don’t offer any specifics. If I don’t know what issues you are facing, I can’t really help!

I decided to write about all the experiences in my life when I started my blog. From life adventures, budgeting money, buying and fixing up a home on the cheap to living in the country, cooking meals I like, and the ongoing process of building my website.

To date, I have had about 6000 commentaries from readers and approved about 2500 of them. You, the reader, give very little feedback in the way of arguments, disagreements, or experiences with similar endeavors. I do get specific inquiries from some bloggers looking for tips on starting or running their own website, but that is it.

What I Am Looking For

I like controversy. If you don’t like something I have said, tell me. But also tell me why. If you have a better way or a unique idea on how to save money, tell me and I may use your comment in a future blog if it is well thought out and presented properly.

If you can’t afford to buy or fix up your home, there are a lot of ways to solve that problem. I don’t have all the answers, but I can research the solutions as well as anybody. I have been a contractor all my life and know solutions to problems most people have never heard of. But you have to ask so that I can help.

If you have a unique way to budget or save money, please tell me. Since the first step in making or having more money is spending it wisely, I can’t think of all the possibilities by myself. You people out there can help. If you want, I can reference your name and the value of your contribution in an upcoming blog.

If you disagree with a particular blog, tell me so, but also tell me why. If you want a private reply, give me a real email address so I can respond and not get the dreaded “Failure To Send” notice back.

If you have valid suggestions on how I can improve my website, then tell me. If you tell me that you are experiencing problems loading my site on Explorer, I may investigate the cause of the problem. But I would rather have you offer a solution. That way others who have the same problem can see the fix.


If you are trying to buy a house at a really affordable price, you can let me know what you are looking for or what price range you can afford. If you want to know more about special programs or getting through a unique problem, please ask.

If you are fixing up a run down home yourself, I can help. If you have specific issues with flooring, drywall, cabinetry, electric, plumbing, windows and doors. Tell me about it or ask a question. If I don’t have an answer maybe one of my readers does.

If you are looking for affordable ways to buy appliances, electronic gadgets, tools, lawn equipment, and such, ask. Don’t just tell me the article you read was what you were looking for. I don’t have all the answers but I can find it for you.

Tips For Commentaries

Here are suggestions on leaving a better comment:

  • Identify the particular item in a blog that captures your interest.
  • Tell me what you like or don’t like about that specific item.
  • Make a suggestion for a blog that you want to see.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.
  • Please Don’t use profanity or it will not get approved.
  • Lewd commentaries will also get axed.
  • Make website improvement suggestions.
  • Offer to write a guest blog in exchange for one of mine.
  • Write legible comments and avoid numerous grammatical errors.
  • Use Google translate if you need a clear English statement.


I am looking for engagement and interaction. I like controversy and interesting feedback.

If I am boring you, tell me. I may find it hard to be consistent with interesting topic matter and need a kick in the pants to ramp it up a bit.

You are the reader in control. If I have no one following me, I am writing to myself. If you let me know what you want and comment accordingly, you can help me write a meaningful article and all the readers can benefit.


I am requesting that my readers click on the links provided and download a sample read of each book and give a review on Amazon. You will have free access to the first four chapters of each book. My hope is that you will like the story lines enough to obtain either an eBook version or a paperback copy that you can put on your bookshelf as a masterpiece when you are done. FATE STALKS A HERO I: RESURGENCE, FATE STALKS A HERO II:THE FIJI FULCRUM, and THE SAGA OF HERACLES PENOIT. I will be giving excerpts on these works in upcoming blogs to familiarize you the reader with exciting details about the contents of each one. Thank you!


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