The Country Pumpkin Craze

Hayrides And Pumpkin Carving Contests

It seems like one of the things to do in the country is to have pumpkin patches and hayrides and contests. Halloween time seems to bring out the best in these events. The arrival of fall signals the end of summer, back to school and approaching holiday events.

One of those events is the Pumpkin Carving Contests that abound throughput. That is, everywhere but the area that I live in. I searched for a local contest but found none. Maybe it is something I should get going as a relatively new resident of my new home town.

The picture above shows my wife holding a large pumpkin that I carved for a contest at her city hall workplace. It was in the city of Mandeville, Louisiana, just north of New Orleans. It was declared the winner, but I must confess I copied the design from another similar pumpkin carving I saw online. I did a different one the following year, but it was not as good. I sort of miss that event now, but I see the craze is still popular elsewhere.

Thoughts On A Country Style Contest

I am writing this article on the actual day of Halloween. I was inspired by an article that covered some crazy carvings that were truly outlandish. One was the look of an anglerfish with huge formidable looking teeth. Another one imitated ET in a blanket.

I looked on the internet for pumpkin carvings that were creative but still looked like pumpkins. To my surprise they were hard to find. I looked for hours but only picked out a few that I thought would satisfy the requirements. I am showing them below.

The rules for the contest would be as follows:

  • The pumpkin can be any shape
  • Cannot be bigger than can be carried comfortably
  • The carving must be all part of the pumpkin
  • It must be recognizable as a pumpkin when done
  • Inside lighting can be a candle or battery-powered light
  • No external paraphernalia can be added
  • All artwork must be carving and not painted on
  • Can only use a knife or related manual carving tool
  • There should be an adult division and a supervised children division

I suppose these rules would be out of sync with current trends, but they would give everyone a chance to win. Expensive add-ons would be prohibited.

Old Fashioned I Suppose

Some of the artwork that you see on various websites and internet searches is awesome. I don’t know how some pumpkin carvers can go through all the work they do on a perishable item. You can see that the masterpieces are labor-intensive endeavors, only to have them trashed on November 1st.

If young budding artists are to compete, they need to have a fighting chance. If it is going to be a county sponsored event, parents are going to be involved. It could be a nice time to bond with your kids. Working with knives or carving tools is dangerous, so supervision with dual participation would be necessary.

If this is fuddy duddy thinking, I guess I am guilty. As a city slicker I did not care much for the country events that shape rural living. Now that I am countrified, I see things in a whole new light. Events here are usually with friendly folk, and they can be interesting. Maybe I will get more involved as time goes on. A pumpkin carving contest would be a nice start.

PS: If you have some interesting photos of carved pumpkins I would be happy to see them and maybe include them in a future update. Your inclusion of a story behind them would be that much more interesting.

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