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The Setting

This article is about a tale that should have been written years ago, but because of the callous nature of one detached husband, it wasn’t penned. It’s about a wife who felt that she couldn’t share her deepest feelings with him at a time when she needed it most. Now, some 40 plus years later, the time has come.

The story goes hand in hand with two other articles written over 2 years ago. They describe the ordeal of dealing with a newborn child who couldn’t breathe properly when she was born and the life threatening consequences of facing the surgeon’s knife to hopefully correct the defective situation.

In NEONATAL INFANT: PART I, and later in NEONATAL INFANT: PART II, a lot was said about what they did to handle the situation, but not enough about Divine Intervention that took place at that time. This article will rectify that omission.

The Milquetoast Believer

At the time of the birth, the husband was on the fence as the reluctant bystander who had no particular affinity for prayer or a relationship with the Creator of the universe. He had every reason to think otherwise after surviving 3 near fatal accidents that should have grabbed his attention.

His wife, on the other hand, was a born again Christian who was afraid to share her faith with him. His hard headed and strong willed personality was a deterrent to accepting any type of spiritual input from her. As it stood back then, she kept a number of deep seated feelings to herself during that period of pending tribulation.

So, while writing an article about another member of the extended family unit who was willing to share his spiritual thoughts about the horrific ordeal he went through (A BEATING HEART THAT WOULDN’T DIE), he approached his wife with the idea of sharing her long suppressed deep feelings about that particular moment in time.

Women Are Mysterious Indeed

For some inexplicable reason, he has recently taken a keen interest to notable women in the Bible. The ones that come to mind are the Moabite Princess named Ruth who faithfully stayed with her mother in law, Queen Ester who saved her people from the annihilation, and Sarah, the wife of Moses. They all had endearing characteristics that were admiral, but the main one was that they rose to the occasion when needed most.

His wife proved capable of meeting similar challenges, including all those that could have sent her packing when he gave her good reasons to do so. She has been a faithful spouse and risked everything to become his marriage partner for life and vaunted companion who has supported all his ventures in the process.

Through it all, he has failed to recognize the need to uncover her deepest secrets. Until now, he never knew that she had personal contact with the Lord who, she says, spoke to her after their young daughter’s birth and helped her survive the torment coursing through her mind and spirit.

The Trial That Tore At Her Soul

At this point in the article, he felt it best to let her tell what happened to her during that mind numbing period of her life. He can only say that he is sorry he did not ask her long ago, but he was not a writer back then and so much of it would have remained buried in their minds without any impetus to reveal those cherished memories to others..

So, to wit, here is what she told him:

“In the summer of 1976, I thought I was in a pretty good place as far as my overall life was concerned. I had a comfortable home, two awesome kids, a husband that I adored, and I was pregnant with our only child. I felt I had reached this pinnacle in my my life by my own efforts without any type of spiritual intervention. Even though I had achieved an overpowering knowledge of God since I was a young girl, I didn’t particularly feel that he He was a contributing factor to bringing me to where I had arrived at that time.”

“As a result of this mindset, I felt I would let God know if I ever really needed Him. In September of that year, everything changed when my world began to collapse after the birth of our daughter. Up to that point, all had gone well, with no indication of what was to come. When it did, I was totally unprepared.”

“My daughter was born with a problem that the doctors had never dealt with before. They originally thought she was just a premie until a few weeks went by where they began to notice a tumor growing in her throat. This meant she would have to stay in the hospital and face the type of surgery that could end her life.”

The Divine Revelation

“I went through agony realizing I might never be able to bring my baby home. I also felt isolated from the one person that I really needed who himself was suffering with this fear of losing his only biological daughter. So, I finally realized I had no place else to go but to God.”

“At one particular moment, I was alone at home sobbing into my pillow crying out to God. I kept shouting why, why, why this, Lord? How long do I have to suffer? I knew full well then that this was the one time I couldn’t get myself out of this situation by my own merits. I was totally dependent on his Mercy.”

Suddenly, without warning, inside my aching body, I heard a very audible voice saying very clearly, “The time is not right….”.

When I harkened to that voice of God speaking to me, I immediately had a feeling wash over me that I can only describe as a peace that was beyond my understanding. I had heard that term in the past, but up to that point in my life, I never knew what it was all about.”

“From that moment on, I began to face the fact that I would have to accept his will, whether it be good or bad. I even told the doctor before my baby’s surgery that if my baby didn’t make it, I was still glad that I was able to have the little time that I had already spent with her.”

“As fate would have it, and by the absolute grace of God, she not only survived the surgery with flying colors, but has transformed into a beautiful young woman who has given birth to two young healthy boys and is married to a wonderful husband. I feel it is my reward for listening to my Savior’s voice at a dire point in time and accepting what he not only had to tell me, but forever dwell in the glory of the end result according to His will.”


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