The Results From My Last Blog

I wrote a blog earlier this year called the Out Of Bounds Country Diet whereby I extolled the virtues of my then current diet. I bragged about the nutritional foods I ate and how I lost 35 pounds. I also pointed out that my updated a1c blood test showed a significant improvement in my sugar levels.

Well, I am sorry to report that I backed off of my vigilance and ballooned right back up to a current weight of 283 lbs. This happened over a 10 month period. I didn’t permanently change my lifestyle and now I have to start all over again. I was afraid to get on the scale, but at a doctor’s office, you have no choice.

So here I am, writing about my disastrous eating habits once again. I started making excuses for eating meals laden with gobs of pasta, spaghetti, big glasses of milk, Swiss cheese snacks, and weekend blowouts. So I have to regroup and reinvent a new plan. Sad, but true.

A Successful Plan Tossed Aside

Eight years ago I decided to find out what was in the food I was ingesting. I used charts that I built with my Microsoft Excel program to accomplish 2 things:

  • First, analyze the nutrients in all the foods I either like, or the ones I should be eating.
  • Second, create a daily chart of each meal and control calories, carbs, proteins, vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients by calculating the exact amount consumed each day.

Using the charts and reasonable discipline, I lost almost 40 pounds which reduced my weight to around 255. So I exhumed this plan from the dead. Unfortunately, I had deleted all the previous files for some dumb reason, so I have had to create new ones. In the process I am able to include all the latest data for each food group like:

  1. Why excessive cholesterol is not bad for you, just your body’s management of that unfairly dreaded nutrient..
  2. Why fat doesn’t make you fat, but excess carbohydrates and included sugars do.
  3. Why visceral (belly) fat is so dangerous to your health.

So What Is This All About?

I would like to break my current methodology down into planned steps so this blog doesn’t descend into boring rhetoric. If you are tired of reading about endless weight loss solutions, you only need to grab hold of one word: Discipline!

I will not expand on this topic other than to say I will share my progress with you with future updates. Either I become master of that one word or admit failure once and for all.

My New Plan Highlights Be It Good Or Bad

  • Make entries into my chart each day for everything I eat. If I eat in or out, try to be accurate. If that is not possible, make an informed estimate on the high side.
  • If I have a bad day, make it up on the next day, but do not get discouraged
  • Drink more water instead of sugary fruit drinks, but dilute the fruit drinks to get some flavor without the excessive calories.
  • Concentrate on more fruits and vegetables as continual parts of each meal.
  • Eat only when I get hungry.
  • Drastically lower my intake of high carbohydrate laden foods.
  • Eliminate processed foods as much as possible.
  • Stay clear of fast food restaurants
  • Do more yard work, home improvements, or something else to replace the exercise programs I hate.
  • Keep temptation foods out of the house
  • Skip meals now and then
  • Weigh myself once a week

Wrapping Up This Laborious Blog

I am not going to lie to you. Having a lifelong disciplinary eating (not diet) program will only work if I change my mindset forever. Not for 6 months, a year, or until I reach the desired weight. Forever!

Either I want to get healthy and stay that way, or just plan to give up when I fail this time. It doesn’t have to be hard or mind boggling. It just has to be a way of life for me.

If I don’t want to bother with the required discipline, I can start planning to control the future onset of diabetes, or take multiple drugs to control high blood pressure. I can look forward to the day the inflammation in my legs puts me in a wheelchair. Since I don’t smoke, at least my lungs will keep working.

I have battled and overcome many obstacles and life-threatening issues in my life. If what I propose to do here makes me feel better and allows me to live longer, than I have succeeded. If any of this helps you, my reader, than the victory will be that much sweeter!

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