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The Humdrum Everyday Staple

What could be more boring than a meal that consists of a rump roast, boiled potatoes, sliced carrots smothered with plain old gravy. I tend to think of this meal as an American staple served on countless tables throughout the good old USA, each and every day. With the cost of beef as high as it is today, that scenario may not be as prevalent as in days gone by, but my thinking is, it still serves as basic fare.

Anyway, we shopped the BOGOs at Winn Dixie one especially interesting day, and several cuts of meet were on sale in the Weekly Flyer. One of the items was a rump roast in the 2 for 1 category. Since I am not a big fan of Tough-To-Eat meats, I let the half price offering sway me and we took the plunge.

But my first thought was what to do about a chunk of meat that is more like chomping down on a piece of leather than that which resembles a respectable culinary entrée. Since I happen to like steaks, roasts, burgers, etc. with a medium pink coloration in the center when cooked, the method of preparation becomes that much more challenging. So I broke my operative shenanigans down into three phases.

Phase I: The Pressure Cooker Compendium

The word Compendium doesn’t really fit the title here, but I don’t care. I like the way it sounds. Any way, what I like about cooking meat under pressure is that it tends to tenderize said offering without using additives. Still, a store bought roast is usually a pretty tough cookie.

Since this blog is dedicated to simple meal preparation, Phase I fits the bill.

  1. Defrost the roast fully if not already room. temperature (Place the sealed package in Water for a couple hours if necessary).
  2. Pour 16 oz. of beef broth in the pressure cooker pot (No extra water).
  3. Add lots of seasoning (I used Grill Mates Steak Seasoning).
  4. Cook for 30 minutes.
  5. When done, remove roast and thinly slice enough pieces for first meal.
  6. Serve with yellow or Basmati rice and use the liquid to flavor the rice. Add a vegetable as a side dish if you wish.
  7. Place the remaining part of roast back in the pressure cooker pot with remaining liquid, cover, and store in fridge.

Phase II: Focaccia French Dip

  1. Take pressure cooker pot out of fridge and put it back in in the cooking unit. Place on warm for a couple hours.
  2. Take leftover roast out and slice off pieces so thin the meat starts to flake and fall apart.
  3. Take a loaf of focaccia bread, cut out a sandwich sized section, then carefully slice it horizontally so as to wind up with two full halves to make your creation.
  4. Heat the oven to 350 degrees.
  5. Place sections of thinly cut meat on one half (No condiments please).
  6. Sprinkle grated Mozzarella Cheese on top of the meat to cover.
  7. Place other half of focaccia piece on top and press together to lock in meat and cheese.
  8. Place on cooking tray lined with parchment paper.
  9. Bake for 6 minutes then switch to low/broil for 2 minutes.
  10. Remove from oven and fill small wide cup or bowl with liquid from pot which can become your Au Jus.
  11. Use as dip from your sandwich and enjoy.

Phase III: Open Faced Sour Dough Sandwiches With Gravy

  1. Take pressure cooker pot out of fridge and put it back in in the cooking unit.
  2. Place on warm for a couple hours.
  3. Take leftover roast out and slice off all remaining pieces same thickness as Phase I.
  4. Have your wife or girlfriend or mother in law or daughter or granddaughter or mistress make gravy with the remaining liquid. Pick the one who makes the best tasting version or knows how to make a Roux with flour and butter.
  5. Place the sliced pieces of meat in the gravy while it is still hot on the stove and stir in.
  6. Take slices of sour dough (bakery version is best) and cut off crust (or leave it on if you wish).
  7. Pour gravy on warmed bread first before you add the meat to allow it to soak it in so the bread isn’t so dry, then add meat on top.
  8. Best served with mashed potatoes and a vegetable.

Enjoy !

Voila! All gone and 3 different meals created from one plain old roast.


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